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Back to School

17 July 2017

IMG_3881 (1)
It was the first day at Indonesian school and I was feeling very excited. The thing was I had to wake up early because in Indonesia school starts early ( I started school at 7.15 am while back in Manchester it was 9 a.m) . I need to pray, have a bath, change my clothes and have breakfast. Then I go to school.

When I got inside the school I notice we had to take our shoes off. I went to my class and introduced myself in English. They understand English.

I went to the hall and that’s when I felt nervous because everyone next to me was looking at me. Anyway at the hall the teachers were introducing themselves to the children from year 1-6. After they introduced themselves, it was halal bihalal. Next, I went to my class and had snack time. Before that, we are suppose to pray Dhuha but because of the meeting and halal bihalal was too long we didn’t.

We moved to the next class, sat next to each other on the floor and watched youtube video about “Joined-up Letters.” It was in English so I didn’t have any problem with the lessons.

Next, it was playtime. I played with my friends on the climbing frame in a quiet small play ground. I don’t understand why it’s too small especially when I compared with my previous school. Hmm..I’m going to ask my teacher next time. Maybe they need to add more space for play area because  I prefer playing outdoor instead of sitting in the classroom. It’s hot tho, but it’s okay.

The bell ringed, time to go back to our class. After we’re settled, Miss N told us the rules. Then Mr. F teached us Arabic which is very new to me. I just followed and tried to understand. When my friend said something, I copied them, lol.

I heard the school bell ringing again before we’re out from the classroom. It was lunch time and we had bumbu chicken (ayam bumbu). After that we prayed Dzuhur and played (again) for one hour.

We’re back to class and learnt English. We went to the next class again to watch English school song. Next, we did a worksheet. Some questions were about what’s your favourite book, teachers, movies, dreams, tv channel, etc. Then it was home time.


Now, it’s been a week at school and I feel happy.



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Back for Good

I was excited when Abak told me that we are going back to Indonesia, but also nervous because I think nobody will remember me. I don’t know how to really speak Bahasa Indonesia because I only practise a little bit in Manchester. Before we leave, I had to tidy and pack up and I feel really tired. The next day I packed my clothes and it was fun. I found my toys and put it in the box and we sent it through the sea.

Now, it’s been 3 weeks in Indonesia and I can speak Indonesian language. But, Abak is going back to the UK for work, that’s not fair because I want to come too 😦 I told Abak and he asked me to make du’a to Allah, and to be a sholehah girl.

The weather in Indonesia is hot because it’s located in equator.  There are only two seasons in tropical country, rainy and dry seasons. I was actually so struggling, it’s too hot for me  and Sean but my Mom said it’s just about the time. I’ll get used to it, I hope so!

Oh ya, I got to Indonesia on Emirates airplane. They gave me food and toys. I watched all the way until I arrived in Jakarta, lol

Three days later, I got a news from my school in Indonesia. They let me go to that school. Again, I feel both excited and nervous at the same time. I’m nervous because I saw people study harder than in Manchester. I feel a bit shy too. I don’t know any of the children there. But I’m sure I can mingle very quickly and catch up the lessons.

My school is no longer free. We need much money to pay the school admission fees. My mom asked me to keep praying because only Allah can give us rejeki for fixing our house and paying my school fee.

Okay, Thank you for listening. Please pray for me and wish me luck on my new life!

❤ Sachio



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Hi, do you know why I wrote this? If you don’t know why, I can tell you.

It is because sometimes I do not know what to write. Not just because I was in lazy mood :p but also because I had no idea on my mind.

What you need to do if you’re stuck in your writing of trips.

Here are some sort of questions that will help us making a story. Well, it’s not from me, I got it from my Dad&Mummy.

  1. Who did you go with?
  2. How did you get there?
  3. Where did you stay?
  4. Where did you go?
  5. Where did you eat?
  6. When did you go?
  7. What did you see?
  8. What did you learn about that place?
  9. Did you learn any history about that place?
  10. What do you like about that place and why?
  11. Is there something you never seen?

Thank you for reading this description and I hope you get some ideas for your story.

Let’s try and have fun writing!

Love, Sachio

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Indonesian Fish in Bolton

Yesterday (Sunday February 19 2017) I went to Bolton. I went with my little brother and my friends called Alif, Sofia, Dinda and Bimo and of course our parents. We rode first bus to Bolton. By the time we got there it was raining. We went to the Bolton fresh water aquarium and saw fishes from all over the world including my country (Indonesia).

We did Sean’s style to make him happy 😀 😀 
Can you see Indonesia and Malaysia aquarium behind me? There were catfishes in it

The aquarium is part of the Bolton Library. I like the aquarium because the fishes make me scared, it looks like they’re going to eat me. Then, we went to the praying room in the market place shopping centre. After that, we went to an art thing and made puppet spoons. So far I like everything. I like the praying room because you can pray with everyone but if there were no praying rooms you can’t pray together you’ll just have to pray on chairs. And last of all I liked the art stuff because making the puppets make me so arty.

Bolton is a beautiful town and I like Bolton.


Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoyed it!  🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


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Winter Holiday to Greece


It was a surprise for me to go to Greece!I only knew that we were going to Greece at the night before we leave.The next day in very early morning I went to the airport and checked in.We took easy jet from Manchester to Athens.When we arrived in Athens we had to transit for 4 hours before we took ryanair to santorini.

Santorini was an island with a hill up and down. We stayed in Thira and our hotel is called Solaris Hotel.

The next morning we went to Oia village.
In Oia there were blue domes and the houses were painted ⚪️and🔵.There are lots of donkey’s carrying sand from ground to the top of the hill. I was surprised that donkeys were very strong.


We were lucky even though it’s winter the weather is nice.The sun shone brightly in the sky and the air was fresh.
After enjoying Oia we went by taxi to fira because we want to see sunset there.

Oh I think it’s enough for today, I really wanna sleep now. see you👋

For those who want to know more about how we got there, where we stayed, which bus we took, please visit my parents blog, click here


Sachio-January 2017