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The Enchanted Wood

Hi πŸ‘‹,today I’m going to tell you about my book I’ve just finished reading. The title is,The Enchanted wood written by Enid Blyton. The book is about an adventure of three siblings. They are Frannie, Beth and Joe who live in the countryside.

One day they went to a wood.There was a tree named the faraway tree 🌲.They climbed up the tree and at the top they saw a ladder.They climbed up the ladder and saw another land. The land was called the roundabout land. They went back down the ladder and saw a person that had a face look like a full moon πŸŒ•.He said,if you bring toffee he will let them down his slippery slip. They said if you let us down your slippery slip we will give you toffee but tomorrow.Moon face said ok πŸ‘ŒπŸΏ.The next day they gave moon face some toffee.Because they knew about the tree 🌲 they went there almost once a week to play with their friend moon face.

One day it was Beth’s birthday πŸŽ‰ . Beth’s birthday was on the right day because on her birthday the land at the top of the tree was the land of birthday. On her birthday she invited everyone who lived on the tree.They went to the land and had so much fun. It was time to eat the cake πŸŽ‚ moon face said it was a magic cake that you can wish for anything you want.
Do you want to know what they wished for and what happened on the next day? Well, i really suggest you to read this book!

Now its time to say goodbye and sorry I didn’t write the whole book πŸ“š. Anyway I wrote it in my own words because if I write the whole book it will be too long for you to read or you might think its a spoiler.😬

Thanks for reading it.
The Enchanted Wood

33 chapters 

242 pages

Adventure book for kids.

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Cooking Class with City Lifestyle

I did cooking for 6 weeks and it was so much fun! πŸ™‚ My mum joined in too. I went to the Claremont primary school old building in the dinner hall. I started on Tuesday 10 of January and ended on Tuesday 14 of February 2017. We cooked fish cakes, chicken fajitas, burger, scrambled egg and tomato, pasta sauce and animals made with fruit and veg. We used a tin of salmon as the fish in the fish cake. We used halal meat because most of us are muslims.

Our cooking class teacher is called Julie. Julie is one of the nutritionist at Manchester City Football Club. Julie is a nice person, very athletics because she likes exercising, not like my Mom who likes to cook and eat, hihihi.

I hope someday there’ll be another cooking class with new menus.

Healthy breakfast made with love ❀


That’s me in school newsletter πŸ™‚


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Bismillah, I Am a Muslim (song)

(I’ll make a video and I’ll sing this with you πŸ™‚ )

I am a Muslim, the things I say

In everything I do everyday
We are Muslims, the things we say
In everything we do everyday

Oooh, Bismillah,
Oooh, Alhamdullillah (x2)

I am a Muslim and this I know
I need to eat so that I will grow
We are Muslims and this we know
We need to eat so that we will grow

When we eat we say Bismillah
When we’re full, we say Alhamdullillah (x2)

Water, juice and milk, these I think
Are so delicious for me to drink
Water, juice and milk, these we think
Are so delicious for us to drink

When we drink we say, Bismillah
When we’re done we say Alhamdullillah (x2)

Going out with my mum and dad
Coming home, oh what fun we had
Going out with our mum and dad
Coming home, oh what fun we had

Driving in the car, Bismillah
Coming safely home, Alhamdullillah (x2)

I go to sleep saying Allah’s name
And in the morning I do the same
We go to sleep saying Allah’s name
And in the morning we do the same

When we sleep we say Bismillah
When we rise we say Alhamdullillah (x2)

Repeat first verse

Song by Yusuf Islam and appears on the album I Look, I See (2003).

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Poem at School

I read this poems at school, and I really like it πŸ™‚


roses are red violets are blue

my heart is big and i love you.

have you seen the wind

neither i nor you

but when the leaves come trembling

the wind is passing by.

have you seen the wind

neither i nor you

but when the trees bow down their head

the wind is passing through.