Back to School

17 July 2017

IMG_3881 (1)
It was the first day at Indonesian school and I was feeling very excited. The thing was I had to wake up early because in Indonesia school starts early ( I started school at 7.15 am while back in Manchester it was 9 a.m) . I need to pray, have a bath, change my clothes and have breakfast. Then I go to school.

When I got inside the school I notice we had to take our shoes off. I went to my class and introduced myself in English. They understand English.

I went to the hall and that’s when I felt nervous because everyone next to me was looking at me. Anyway at the hall the teachers were introducing themselves to the children from year 1-6. After they introduced themselves, it was halal bihalal. Next, I went to my class and had snack time. Before that, we are suppose to pray Dhuha but because of the meeting and halal bihalal was too long we didn’t.

We moved to the next class, sat next to each other on the floor and watched youtube video about “Joined-up Letters.” It was in English so I didn’t have any problem with the lessons.

Next, it was playtime. I played with my friends on the climbing frame in a quiet small play ground. I don’t understand why it’s too small especially when I compared with my previous school. Hmm..I’m going to ask my teacher next time. Maybe they need to add more space for play area because  I prefer playing outdoor instead of sitting in the classroom. It’s hot tho, but it’s okay.

The bell ringed, time to go back to our class. After we’re settled, Miss N told us the rules. Then Mr. F teached us Arabic which is very new to me. I just followed and tried to understand. When my friend said something, I copied them, lol.

I heard the school bell ringing again before we’re out from the classroom. It was lunch time and we had bumbu chicken (ayam bumbu). After that we prayed Dzuhur and played (again) for one hour.

We’re back to class and learnt English. We went to the next class again to watch English school song. Next, we did a worksheet. Some questions were about what’s your favourite book, teachers, movies, dreams, tv channel, etc. Then it was home time.


Now, it’s been a week at school and I feel happy.




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