Back for Good

I was excited when Abak told me that we are going back to Indonesia, but also nervous because I think nobody will remember me. I don’t know how to really speak Bahasa Indonesia because I only practise a little bit in Manchester. Before we leave, I had to tidy and pack up and I feel really tired. The next day I packed my clothes and it was fun. I found my toys and put it in the box and we sent it through the sea.

Now, it’s been 3 weeks in Indonesia and I can speak Indonesian language. But, Abak is going back to the UK for work, that’s not fair because I want to come too 😦 I told Abak and he asked me to make du’a to Allah, and to be a sholehah girl.

The weather in Indonesia is hot because it’s located in equator.  There are only two seasons in tropical country, rainy and dry seasons. I was actually so struggling, it’s too hot for me  and Sean but my Mom said it’s just about the time. I’ll get used to it, I hope so!

Oh ya, I got to Indonesia on Emirates airplane. They gave me food and toys. I watched all the way until I arrived in Jakarta, lol

Three days later, I got a news from my school in Indonesia. They let me go to that school. Again, I feel both excited and nervous at the same time. I’m nervous because I saw people study harder than in Manchester. I feel a bit shy too. I don’t know any of the children there. But I’m sure I can mingle very quickly and catch up the lessons.

My school is no longer free. We need much money to pay the school admission fees. My mom asked me to keep praying because only Allah can give us rejeki for fixing our house and paying my school fee.

Okay, Thank you for listening. Please pray for me and wish me luck on my new life!

❤ Sachio




10 thoughts on “Back for Good

    1. Halo tante Ade..thank you for visiting my blog, I am so happy 🙂 I will ask Abak and Mummy to go to Cimanggis when we’re back from kampung, so I can meet your beautiful daughter and play with her 🙂


  1. Hey Sachio, Im pretty much sure you’ll get used to the weather here. Let Oom Edo know when you are in Jakarta, so Me,Tante April, and my son can visit you , Sean and your Mom and if Abaks back home too. btw, such nice and sweet writing you have there.


  2. Corry Agustina

    Halloo Kakak Sachio.. Aluna misses you! She always mentions your name everytime I ask her about her friends. Oh ya, your scrap book for madrasah is still here with us, I forgot to give it to you.. sorry..
    Enjoy your new life there.. stay sholehah & smart.. we love you Kakak Sachi 😘


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