Hi, do you know why I wrote this? If you don’t know why, I can tell you.

It is because sometimes I do not know what to write. Not just because I was in lazy mood :p but also because I had no idea on my mind.

What you need to do if you’re stuck in your writing of trips.

Here are some sort of questions that will help us making a story. Well, it’s not from me, I got it from my Dad&Mummy.

  1. Who did you go with?
  2. How did you get there?
  3. Where did you stay?
  4. Where did you go?
  5. Where did you eat?
  6. When did you go?
  7. What did you see?
  8. What did you learn about that place?
  9. Did you learn any history about that place?
  10. What do you like about that place and why?
  11. Is there something you never seen?

Thank you for reading this description and I hope you get some ideas for your story.

Let’s try and have fun writing!

Love, Sachio


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