a place for me to stop and share you my story

Hello there my name is Sachio Diandra Najla, my family and friends call me Sachi. I was born in 2009 in Jakarta, Indonesia.I now live in Manchester, UK. I have a little brother called Sean you pronounce it  Shon and i call my dad abak. I call my mum mommy and my little brother call me uni Sachi because i am originally from Bukittingi, West Sumatera. I am a Muslim and believe there is only one god called Allah.

I now study in Claremont primary school.I am in year two. My teacher is called miss Sach and miss Plumer . I learn different subjects everyday like Math, Science, Literacy, Art, P.E., Phonics, R.E.and Spanish. .In Maths I learn about money. In literacy I learn about discussions, whether animals should take part in a circus or not, how and why do the circus travel, etc. In Religious Education I learn about Jesus, Moses, bible and Quran .In Spanish subject I learn about food, numbering, etc. In phonics I learn about homophones. In Physical Education (PE) I learn about balancing and in sport I learn about football with the Manchester United trainers. Finally in art I learn how to use water colour paint and painting pictures with them.

I am also a UNICEF representative from my grade. I and my team are trying to earn money for children in need by having cakes sale, school fair, and some other thing that I can’t remember for now 🙂

Okay, that’s all for today..Please enjoy my blog and apologize for typo as I am still learning.

Sachio, 12 Feb 2017